Volunteer With Drystone Radio

Drystone Radio is a Community Radio Station, it is not focused on profit. We exist to benefit the community and give a voice to the people of South Craven and surrounding area (where applicable). We are a registered charity, aiming to provide social gain, a local voice and more.

No role at Drystone requires prior experience, we have training systems in place to provide you with all the information needed.

Journalistic Work

Journalism as a community outlet can mean a number of things, with the launch of the new website looming; we are looking for passionate young journalists to help build the new generation of community information for the area. This could involve, but is not limited to, writing news stories for our website, writing and recording (If you wished) stories for broadcast on the radio station & the conduction of research into community ventures and businesses to build strong links with the community. You would be trained to do this and no experience is required, just a keen interest in journalism and a strong work ethic.

Technical Work

This could involve helping to refine and build upon the website, broadcast engineering (The way that the sound gets from the studio to your radio), Computer network experience and Computer systems administration. You would be trained to do this and no experience is required, just a keen interest and a strong work ethic.

Website Management

This would involve the maintenance of the radio stations website; you would be part of a team, working to build a local resource to both promote local information and the radio station. This would involve much more than simply managing a website and where you took this position would be entirely up to yourself, have a keen interest in graphic design? Then you could help to build the brand image of the station and the website, enjoy the technical aspect? Then you could work on enhancing the site and building on essential real world skills. You would be trained to do this and no experience is required, just a keen interest and a strong work ethic.

Broadcast Systems

This type of volunteer role would involve the learning about broadcast systems, basically meaning the way that the sound gets from the radio station to the transmitter, the way that the sound is processed and much more. This is an experience that is difficult to find elsewhere and I personally highly recommend this form of role to anyone even slightly interested in radio and television, providing essential skills putting you miles ahead of any competition in university applications and more.

Although the above roles have been specifically mentioned, there are many different roles and activities that you could help with at Drystone Radio; our door is open to anyone and everyone and we hope to see you in the near future!

Volunteering with us makes for great reading on a CV or in a personal statement, allowing you to differentiate yourself from others and giving you an edge, It is also great fun for all ages, allowing you to do something different!

If you are interested in finding out more, or just want to have a chat about how the station works contact: queries@drystoneradio.com with the subject ‘Volunteer’ or call us on 07456 066 289 (charged at standard network rate).