Website Administration

Drystone Radio website 2.0

This new Drystone Radio website is a work in progress and below explains the progress, tweaks and changes that have been made, and will be made, to the core of the website.

If you have suggestions for improvements on the website and the changes are not listed as planned email us at, we cannot guarantee that we will follow up each idea but we will be working as hard as possible to make this website as effective as we can.

– Errors with links on the home page of the site

Known Issues
– Listen Live button is not consistent on all PCs when opening radio player
– iOS Device Search Display Issues

Planned updates
Mobile/tablet responsive features
– ‘Community Hub’ section
– More share options on posts
– Gallery/Media Section

Please check back regularly to see the changes and tweaks that are made as well as to find out more about the planned updates that are made.